For Real Estate Brokerages

As a Broker, you may request a realMLS data product for yourself or on behalf of an agent in your office. For a list of realMLS data products click here.

Broker registrations are automatically updated daily. To avoid duplicate registrations, please contact NEFMLS (904) 394-9494 x 1605 before registering.

For Real Estate Agents

Agents may request data products from realMLS. However, the agent's broker will have to execute the license agreement with realMLS.

To initiate a request for realMLS Data Products, click the MORE DETAILS button below.

For Vendors

As a vendor working with a member(s) of realMLS, you may request a data license to access RETS for IDX (Internet Data Exchange), a VOW (Virtual Office Website), or to access online a broker's request for a data license agreement utilizing services.

For additional information, click here.

Welcome to realMLS Data Licensing Service!

Welcome to realMLS reDataVault where obtaining a license to use data for IDX, VOWs, and other data products is easy. No more downloading forms, filling them out and faxing back to us. Only Brokers may request a license but it may be done on behalf of an agent within their office. This tool also provides the Broker the ability to track and follow the application and licensing process.

Click here for list of data products.

Click here for our FAQ document.

To get started, simply click above as a Broker, Agent, or Vendor.

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